Client Implementations

Client Implementations
DNSCrypt-ProxyFrank Denis (@jedisct1) DNSCrypt and DoH Linux, BSD, Windows, macOS, Android and moreGolang
DoH-proxyFacebook DoH Linux, BSD, Windows, macOS and morePython
Pcap_DNSProxy DNSCrypt Windows, Linux, macOS and OpenWrt/LEDEC++
YourFriendlyDNS DNSCrypt Linux, Windows, macOS and AndroidC++
Simple DNSCrypt DNSCrypt and DoH WindowsC#
dnscrypt-proxy switcher DNSCrypt macOSShell
DNSCloak DNSCrypt iOS
DNSCrypt proxy on Android DNSCrypt Android
Other platforms

Server Implementations

Server Implementations
DNSCrypt-WrapperYecheng Fu (@cofyc) DNSCryptC
dnsdistPowerDNS DNSCrypt, DoH and DoTC++
dnssAlberto Bertogli (@albertito) DoHGo
DoH-proxyFacebook DoHPython
Official Docker container (DNSCrypt-Wrapper and Unbound) DNSCrypt
Rust-DoHFrank Denis (@jedisct1) DoHRust
UnboundNLnet Labs DNSCrypt and DoTC

Server Setup Guides

How to setup your own DNSCrypt server in less than 10 minutes

How to setup your own DNSCrypt server on Vultr